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How we help you | Mental Health Pakistan

We are private therapy counselors. Our counseling

Psychologists offer psychological treatment to individuals and couples. We connect through Skype sessions and telephone sessions. And of course face-to-face sessions.

The best method of our phycologist practice to diagnose a problem for psychological treatment

When somebody comes to meet us for psychological treatment the first thing that we do is a so call assessment session. What this means is that we will ask some questions to begin to form an image of who you are.

Every human has a different personality | Mental Health Pakistan

Mental Health Pakistan believes every human has a different personality. As a person and what it is, that brings you to counseling at this moment. How it is that therapeutic support may be able to help you move forward with life.

Best Example to encounter anxiety

So with someone with anxiety, for example. It could be the counseling could be around the understanding. How long has anxiety played a role in their life?

How does it manifest for this particular person? and also what they imagine about that life. What would you be like without these difficulties? Because every single person is very different from one another.

My Experience with diverse people with different conditions

We all have very subjective experiences and individual needs. I tend to tailor my approach to unique individuals.

That is sitting before me and because of that. No therapeutic approach ever looks identical but some people would prefer it. A more open-ended counseling contract.

But they can come in and explore their habits. They would bite at bobs from their childhood. Other hand Significant life events and maybe how they might play a part in their life.

They need psychological help to encounter their bad habits. I know Today people would like a shorter-term or focus therapeutic. We experienced good treatment for these people.

Six sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy

An approach such as six sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy. That’s focused on a specific phobia for example and the two would be quite different

Opinion what makes a good psychologist

In my opinion, what makes a good psychologist is an individual. Who is warm, compassionate, understanding and empathic? I think it’s very important as a clinician. You create a good environment.

Where the client can come and talk freely about thoughts. He explores his feelings and emotional difficulties without feeling judged. Clients feel as though they’re would not criticize.

Fear the possible impact

Without having to fear the possible impact. That these expressions may have on the other person. And I think this is what makes the difference. Between talking to a professional counselor in comparison to talking to a friend.

For example, it’s just the idea that you know we can have this space. Where we can revisit our difficulties over and over again. With our feeling as though we’re burden burdening the other person.

At the private therapy clinic of Mental Health Pakistan. I work with our range of different presentations. Psychological difficulties most commonly our presentations relating to anxiety. And depression can be the presentations such as social anxiety and mental health. The variety of post-traumatic stress disorders.

We help people who are struggling with low mood and feelings

Also, help people who are struggling with low moods and feelings. A little bit depressed and that can also range on a spectrum of severity. From being quite mild to being quite severely impeding on an individual’s functioning.

I think that regardless of what presentation someone is bringing to therapy. It’s really important to really understand the unique experience of these difficulties. Rather than maybe attaching a label to them.

What is your unique psychological difficulty?

Mental Health Pakistan thinks ultimately that’s what I’m concerned with to really understand. What is your unique psychological difficulty? Like they get to the bottom of these. So that you can move forward in life with less pain and more happiness.

Psychological difficulties are part of life

Mental Health Pakistan thinks it’s part of life to have psychological difficulties. I think none of us are consistently free from pain and emotional suffering. It is kind of like the yin and yang of life in order to experience. The light we need to sometimes encounter the darkness as well.

In my opinion | Mental Health Pakistan

I think that sometimes our psychological difficulties may exceed our joy. In our happiness and that’s the time in which therapy can step in.

Make powerful and useful changes in your life

Make some really powerful and useful changes in your life. where we can maybe understand. What is the nature of our psychological difficulties? I say that we can begin to make some valuable changes in life and move forward.