Confused or fearful about the future? Do you feel stuck? Or angry? Hopeless? Depressed? Do you feel disrespected? Accused? Abused? Are you unable to sleep at night?
Are you coping only in ways that are harming you, your mind, your body, your family, your future or your finances?


At Hopeplus Counselling I listen without judgement, in complete confidence and safety and aim to get you thinking well, looking ahead, positively and decisively.


Practicing in Arcadia Vale NSW 2283 (Between Toronto and Morisset) I’m a professionally qualified member of the Australian Counselling Association, with additional credentials in Banking and Finance and Ministry and Pastoral Care.


Although I’m trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy my primary approach is Person Centred Therapy, meaning I believe that you already possess the skills required and hold personal core values that define the life you wish to lead, so my aim is to help you without changing you. Quite often, that means dealing with negative emotions and toxic thinking patterns caused by significant life events. I can help you with these.

But if you know you need to change … and you’re open to a new way of doing things … and only at your specific request … I’m willing to share the benefits of a healthy faith life, my faith being a key turning point after divorce, depression and redundancy impacted my life some years ago.


Currently more than 80% of my clients are men struggling with work pressures, job loss, financial and emotional challenges impacting their most important relationships. Many of these clients are referred by their partners or parents who care about them and want to keep them safe whilst preserving the well being and connectedness of the wider family unit.


I also work with men and women who have issues around negative self worth.

And I can provide genuine understanding and support around financial matters like child support, financial crises, budgeting issues etc.

Finances in crisis? Give me a call.

Scott will provide a safe place to vent, to take stock, to reassess, reflect, or just take a breather. Quite often a new perspective brought about by genuine sharing and informed, healthy questioning can provide insights to get that life back on track.


My guarantee –
If you don’t feel more hopeful after the first 75min visit you won’t be charged.